Market Rates Of Bahria Town Karachi

Updated Prices Of Bahria Town Karachi – 7th April 2019

Precinct 1Res. Plot250 SQY1.1 Crore (FP)1.5 Crore (FP)
Precinct 2 – Quaid BlockHome200 SQY1.75 Crore (FP)2.3 Crore (FP)
Precinct 2 – Iqbal BlockHome150 SQY1.3 Crore (FP)1.6 Crore (FP)
Precinct 3Res. Plot2000 SQY3.5 Crore (FP)4.5 Crore (FP)
Precinct 4Res. Plot500 SQY1.1 Crore (FP)1.5 Crore (FP)
Precinct 6Res. Plot250 SQY70 Lacs (FP)90 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 7Res. Plot1000 SQY1.4 Crore (FP)2 Crore (FP)
Precinct 8Res. Plot250 SQY65 Lacs (FP)85 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 9Res. Plot500 SQY1 Crore (FP)1.5 Crore (FP)
Precinct 10AHome200 SQY1.3 Crore (FP)1.7 Crore (FP)
Precinct 10BRes. Plot125 SQY27 Lacs (FP)40 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 11AHome200 SQY1.3 Crore (FP)1.6 Crore (FP)
Precinct 11AHome125 SQY1 Crore (FP)1.3 Crore (FP)
Precinct 11BHome125 SQY80 Lacs (FP)1 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 11BRes. Plot125 SQY28 Lacs (FP)40 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 12 – Ali BlockRes. Plot125 SQY36 Lacs (FP)55 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 12Res. Plot250 SQY50 Lacs (FP)60 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 14Res. Plot125 SQY40 Lacs (FP)55 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 15Res. Plot125 SQY38 Lacs (FP)50 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 15ARes. Plot125 SQY30 Lacs (FP)40 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 15BRes. Plot125 SQY25 Lacs (FP)35 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 15BRes. Plot500 SQY65 Lacs (FP)80 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 16Res. Plot250 SQY60 Lacs (FP)80 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 17Res. Plot500 SQY1.1 Crore (FP)1.6 Crore (FP)
Precinct 17Res. Plot1000 SQY1.8 Crore (FP)2.5 Crore (FP)
Precinct 18Res. Plot1000 SQY1.8 Crore (FP)2.5 Crore (FP)
Precinct 192 Bed Apart950 SQFT55 Lacs (FP)80 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 193 Bed Apart2250 SQFT95 Lacs (FP)1.3 Crore (FP)
Precinct 194 Bed Apart2950 SQFT1.5 Crore (FP)1.8 Crore (FP)
Pre. 20 – Golf CityRes. Plot500 SQYN/AN/A
Pre. 20 – Golf CityRes. Plot1000 SQYN/AN/A
Pre. 20 – Golf CityRes. Plot2000 SQYN/AN/A
Precinct 21Res. Plot250 SQY30 Lacs (FP)40 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 22Res. Plot250 SQY35 Lacs (FP)45 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 23Res. Plot125 SQY20 Lacs (FP)25 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 23ABahria Home200 SQY60 Lacs (FP)70 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 24Res. Plot125 SQY20 Lacs (FP)25 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 25Res. Plot125 SQY22 Lacs (FP)25 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 25aRes. Plot125 SQY21 Lacs (FP)25 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 26Res. Plot125 SQY22 Lacs (FP)25 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 26aRes. Plot125 SQY22 Lacs (FP)28 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 27Res. Plot125 SQY24 Lacs (FP)40 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 27Home200 SQY90 Lacs (FP)1.1 Crore (FP)
Precinct 27aRes. Plot500 SQY85 Lacs (FP)1.1 Crore (FP)
Precinct 28Res. Plot125 SQY22 Lacs (FP)30 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 29Res. Plot500 SQY60 Lacs (FP)80 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 30Res. Plot250 SQY38 Lacs (FP)55 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 31Res. Plot125 SQY20 Lacs (FP)28 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 31Home200 SQY90 Lacs (FP)1.1 Crore (FP)
Precinct 32Res. Plot250 SQY30 Lacs (FP)40 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 33Res. Plot500 SQY42 Lacs (FP)55 Lacs (FP)
Precinct 34Res. Plot250 SQY6 Lacs15 Lacs
Precinct 35Home350 SQY15 Lacs45 Lacs
Precinct 36Res. Plot500 SQY25 Lacs40 Lacs
Precinct 36Res. Plot1000 SQY35 Lacs45 Lacs
Precinct 37Res. Plot500 SQY15 Lacs30 Lacs
Precinct 37Res. Plot1000 SQY15 Lacs40 Lacs
Precinct 38Res. Plot1000 SQY-4 Lacs15 Lacs
Precinct 39Res. Plot1000 SQY-6 Lacs8 Lacs
Precinct 40Res. Plot250 SQY-2 Lacs10 Lacs
Precinct 40Res. Plot500 SQY-4 Lacs5 Lacs
Precinct 41Res. Plot500 SQY-5 Lacs2 Lacs
Precinct 42Res. Plot250 SQY-40%-45%
Precinct 42ARes. Plot500 SQY-40%-45%
Precinct 43Res. Plot500 SQY-40%-45%
Precinct 44Res. Plot250 SQY-40%-45%
Precinct 45Res. Plot250 SQY-40%-45%
Precinct 46Res. Plot250 SQY2 Lacs8 Lacs
Precinct 47Res. Plot250 SQY5 Lacs12 Lacs
Precinct 48Res. Plot250 SQY2 Lacs10 Lacs
Precinct 48Res. Plot500 SQY-2 Lacs2 Lacs
Precinct 49Res. Plot250 SQY6 Lacs12 Lacs
Precinct 50Res. Plot500 SQY-4 Lacs8 Lacs
Precinct 51Res. Plot500 SQY-4 Lacs5 Lacs
Precinct 51Home500 SQY-3 Lacs20 Lacs
Precinct 52Res. Plot250 SQY-3 Lacs2 Lacs
Precinct 53Res. Plot250 SQY-5 Lacs1 Lacs
Precinct 54Res. Plot250 SQY-1 Lacs10 Lacs
Precinct 55Res. Plot500 SQY-6 Lacs5 Lacs
Precinct 56Res. Plot1000 SQY-3 Lacs5 Lacs
Precinct 57Res. Plot1000 SQY-10 Lacs0 Lacs
Precinct 58Res. Plot1000 SQY-15 Lacs-5 Lacs
Midway Com.Com. Plot125 SQY3.2 Crore5 Crore
Old Com. 10ACom. Plot125 SQY1.5 Crore1.9 Crore
Bahria Heights2 Bed Apart1100 SQFT60 Lacs75 Lacs
Jinnah Avenue Com.Com. Plot500 SQY25 Lacs35 Lacs
Bahria HillsRes. Plot500 SQY1.2 Crore1.5 Crore
Bahria HillsRes. Plot1000 SQY2.2 Crore2.55 Crore
Bahria HillsRes. Plot2000 SQY3.8 Crore4.5 Crore
Valley Block (A,B,C)Res. Plot125 SQY13 Lacs16 Lacs

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